aggreko help jovena provide stable power Madagascar

New Stable Power Concept Developed by Aggreko

Aggreko is proud to help Jovena, Madagascar’s national utility company, provide stable power!

Aggreko is a UK-based global supplier of temporary power generation equipment. They have teamed up with energy company Jovena to launch a mobile, modular power plant to supply its HFO-generated power in Madagascar. NOOR 2 will run alongside Jovena’s NOOR 1 turbines as part of an extension to a 50 MW agreement with Jirama.

Aggreko’s developed a ‘Ship Light’ solution that spreads the weight of the 76 tonne engines and their components. They used three standard 40ft shipping containers to allow transportation to be carried out using standard shipping methods. This resulted in a considerable time and financial saving for Aggreko. It also allowed for more practical transportation on the island’s road infrastructure.

The company has been providing diesel and gas fueled power for over 50 years. Developing HFO is a natural progression for the Aggreko. Its new 28MW site which uses 1.8MW MSHFO generators will provide 25MW of uninterrupted electricity to 1.4mn residents of Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo.

Aggreko’s Dan Ibbetson said;

We know that nothing happens without power – no lights for children to read by, no power for life-saving hospital equipment or for factories to manufacture products. Reliable power enables communities to grow and thrive and we are proud to bring that power – uninterrupted, reliable and cost-effective power, generated using available resources.

aggreko help jovena provide stable power Madagascar 2

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