BESS ( battery energy storage system )

BESS ( battery energy storage system )

BESS ( battery energy storage system ) or battery containers are most commonly built using converted shipping containers. They are used to store power generated by renewable energy sources such wind and solar. BESS containers are also useful for storing power generated by traditional methods like coal, gas and nuclear. A battery energy storage system is perfectly suited to emergency backup power supply scenarios. Interlinked battery storage systems deliver power quickly to the grid when called on during power outages.

BESS Aids the Drive to Carbon Neutrality

Battery containers are not only a great solution for backup emergency power needs, they are a key component in hybrid applications and the green revolution. When used with solar power generation, BESS containers provide power at night or during heavy cloud cover. Likewise with wind power generation, when the wind stops blowing, battery energy storage systems meet demand. Excess power generated by renewables is captured and stored. BESS containers are scaleable and portable, ideal for remote locations.

Benefits of battery containers

  • Secure & Robust
  • Reduce Energy Charges
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Excess Power Stored
  • Emergency Backup Power
  • Replace Dirty & Noisy Generators

How can JP Containers Help with your BESS needs

At JP Containers, we can design, build and deliver your battery energy storage systems. We design custom solutions that are safe, secure and portable. Safety is an important part of our production process. Lithium-ion batteries will explode when small metal particles come in to contact with battery components. We ensure the battery systems are kept clean and well ventilated. When delivered your BESS will be temperature controlled and safe.

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