Battery Storage Containers Installed at UAE Steel Mill

Aggreko recently introduced the new new mobile and modular energy storage units to the market

These new power storage systems are ideal in areas with intermittent grid supply. 20 ft containers are used to house to the batteries. They will shrink carbon footprints and minimize operating costs.

aggreko battery storage container

A first in the Middle East

This is the first installation of its type for Aggreko in the Middle East. They have extensive expertise in this area. The 5MW batteries will work in combination with 13 gas generators. 19MW of power is currently being generated. This is the primary source of power for the steel mill.

The batteries effectively work as a backup system. They kick in when the gas generators drop out. A 49% fuel saving will result in CO2 emissions being reduced. This is a big step in the right direct, as more nations strive toward carbon neutrality. Its proves the popularity of the drive to reduce emissions.

x-ray aggreko battery storage container

Solar power battery storage

The new Aggreko will become world leaders in solar energy storage. This will be particularly useful in warmer climates. Much of Australia enjoys sunshine all year round. Solar power is therefore very common. The problem comes in the evening. When the sun sets the power stops. The solution is to store excess power generated throughout the day. Aggreko battery storage containers are ideal for this.

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solar power plant

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