solar panels power storage container

New Container-Based Power Supply by Faber Infrastructure Launches

A 24-kW solar system with 80-kWh lithium-ion battery storage with an emergency power generator Klaus Faber AG, has launched the compact solar battery container Mobile Power System and started series production. With 75 years of experience under their belt, leading German Cable manufacturer Klaus Faber AG have diversified into the field of portable power. This

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Battery Storage Containers Installed at UAE Steel Mill

Aggreko recently introduced the new new mobile and modular energy storage units to the market These new power storage systems are ideal in areas with intermittent grid supply. 20 ft containers are used to house to the batteries. They will shrink carbon footprints and minimize operating costs. A first in the Middle East This is

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kohler sdmo container generator

Extreme Power from Kohler SDMO Container Generators

KOHLER diesel engines have been fitted for the first time in a new series of products called the KD SERIES The power output from these systems is extreme to say the least so they are ideally suited to all industrial applications. The power ranges from 800 kVA/kWe to 4200 kVA /4 000 KWe. Kohler Co.

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700kw Kohler SDMO diesel units lagos

Clarke Energy Installs Kohler-SDMO Generators in Lagos

British company Clarke Energy chooses Nigeria to install its first generator assembly plant in West Africa Clarke Energy is a multinational specialist in engine based power plants. It wants to expand its business operations into West Africa and will begin this in Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos is the biggest city in Africa with over 21 million

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aggreko ryder cup power supplier

2018 Ryder Cup Powered by Aggreko

Aggreko will power its seventh Ryder Cup this autumn hosted in Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, a suburb southwest of Paris A team of 38 workers from the Glasgow-based company will be on-site for up to six months, spending 1,441 days on the installation, monitoring and decommissioning. The company has already agreed a similar deal for the

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aggreko help jovena provide stable power Madagascar

New Stable Power Concept Developed by Aggreko

Aggreko is proud to help Jovena, Madagascar’s national utility company, provide stable power! Aggreko is a UK-based global supplier of temporary power generation equipment. They have teamed up with energy company Jovena to launch a mobile, modular power plant to supply its HFO-generated power in Madagascar. NOOR 2 will run alongside Jovena’s NOOR 1 turbines

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kohler sdmo k-series generator set

SDMO Industries Generating Sets

Generating Sets Fitted With Diesel or Gas Engines for Industrial Power and Portable Power Production Here at JPC we design and manufacture enclosed generator housings for use in all kinds of environments. We tailor each product to your needs working precisely to your specifications. Contact us today to find out more on +44 (0)1606 272864

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JCB Power Products Secured £10 Million Contract for its Gas Powered Generators

JCB secured a deal worth £10 million in 2017 marking the companies entrance into the gas-powered generator sector JCB Power Products has its HQ in Hixon, Stafford UK. It has been enjoying ever increasing success in the supply of generators for all sorts of installations. The company announced it will supply 34.5 Megawatts gas-powered generator

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mtu gas generator nyc hospital

MTU Generator Sets to power a Hospital

Stewart & Stevenson Power Products LLC has taken an order for two MTU 16V4000 natural gas-fired generator sets. They will be installed for use in a new 3MW cooling, heat and power plant at a major New York hospital. The MTU MTU 1534 kW continuous rated gas genset modules provided the most competitive total running

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logo Rolls Royce Power Systems AG

JPC at MTU Supplier Conference 2017

On the 26th and 27th of June 2017 JPC Shanghai and UK team attended a MTU supplier conference at the headquarters of MTU a member of the Rolls Royce Power Systems AG The location in the German town of Friedrichshafen on the shores of the famous Lake Constance provided the perfect back drop to a

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