Power Generation Acoustic Containers

Power Generation Acoustic Containers

We offer many different designs of container at JP Containers, below you will find information on the current range and various sizes of containers.

Six standard container sizes make up a competitive range of products to meet all size of generator power needs with a list of options that provide total flexibility.

Heavy duty robustly constructed walk in enclosure designed to protect the generator from adverse weather conditions whilst providing sound attenuation and ventilation for the generator and associated equipment.

  • All containers are designed and constructed in accordance with ISO 1496 Series 1 freight containers and ISO 668 – classification, dimensions and ratings.
  • Corner fittings to ISO 1161 with four point lifting at maximum wet weight.
  • All external fittings are galvanised or stainless steel.
  • Personnel access doors complete with top quality fixings and internal emergency release buttons.
  • Power cable exit is via a non-ferrous gland plate in container body.
  • Fully bunded sealed floor for containment of all fluids 110%
  • Standard noise levels designed to meet 85 dBA at 1m with 70~80 mm rock wool for sound absorption on walls.


  • Convention of Safety Container (CSC) Container plating in accordance with ISO 1496-1 Series 1 Freight containers – specification and testing
  • Bulk Fuel tanks capacity to complete 8 hours continuous running
  • External fuel supply and return connections.
  • Heavy duty Fuel filters systems.
  • Additional levels of sound attenuation available for all container sizes depending on size of generator and options selected for added attenuation cassettes: 65 dBA at 1m; 75 dBA at 1m; 80 dBA at 1m
  • Extended hours running oil cleaning systems up 4 x standard service levels.
  • Internal lighting and AC & DC bulkhead lights.
  • Internally mounted exhaust systems sized according to engine model

Container Construction

General construction of the container is from mild steel to BS 4360:43 and electro - zinc coated steel sheet to BSEN101152 : 1994;DC01+ZE25/25:A-C. All structural steel is shot blasted to SAE 2.5 and pre primed with zinc-rich primer to dry film thickness of 10 microns.

All welding is in accordance with ABS procedures for MIG and MMA. MMA is used for ISO corner castings and lifting points in conjunction with non-destructive test procedures

Acoustic Attenuation

The acoustic attenuation is attained using Rockwool for sound absorption, standard thickness is around 50~100 mm. The density and thickness of the Rockwool slabs can be increased to further control noise levels.


The walls are constructed from RHS structural steel and 1.5 mm corrugated steel sheet to provide the stiffness. The walls are acoustically lined and face with 1.0 mm galvanised perforated metal sheets.

Dual wall thickness available as an option for the super silent container model


The rigid floor is constructed with calculated structural steel frame manufactured from section beam and sheeted with 4mm steel chequer plate floor coated with marine type range red paint.


The roof is made of a framework of RHS structural steel which is covered by welded 1.5 mm steel sheets with pressed corrugation facing upwards. Including acoustic linings and faced with 1.0 mm galvanised steel. With 100 mm Rockwool thickness fitted as standard.

Paint choices and specification

The paint colour as standard is RAL 9010 white see options for other RAL colour choices.

All the galvanised steel is degreased pre primer. The primer and topcoat are made up of polyurethane paint providing a solid high gloss finish with a dry film thickness of 140 microns.

The internal walls are painted the same as external with a range red finish on the floor.