Containerised Generators

Containerised Generators

JP Containers can provide purpose built containers to house and protect vital and valuable equipment such as Generators units on site and during operation. JP Containers provide all of the necessary access points, doors, air flow control and noise control required to ensure the generator can operate safely, securely with minimum impact on the environment for the life of the generator. In the case of a remote fuel supply, the necessary connections are installed on the side of the container to allow for ease of access.

Environmental regulations are paramount to JP Containers. So all of our standard containers for the use of installing generators, have bund protection included so that all fluids such as lubrication oil, water and fuel oil present in the system can be kept within the containerised generator unit itself, thereby reducing any potential impact.

Standard 20' Sizes (6058mm)

A 'standard' ISO containerise generator unit denotes an installation where the original lifting points and dimensions of the intermodal container are left unchanged.

Extended or Modified 20' Sizes and High Cube 9’6”

In order to accept additional noise attenuation or internal silencer making the unit footprint larger than that of a standard 20' ISO container, JPCl can modify or extend the container to accommodate many different requirements.

Standard 40' Sizes (12,192mm) generator housing based on a standard 40’ ISO container footprint. Depending on the size of the generator unit installed in the container will accommodate the diesel generator, its fuel tank, the control module and noise attenuation system.

Extended or Modified 40' Sizes and High Cube 9’6”

JPC can also supply a high power containerised generator units. Which by widening the ISO container to accommodate a larger generator unit; these larger containerised generator unit can still be lifted into place using standard crane methods with standard locking corner casting positions for road transport.

Non Standard Sizes Bespoke

The simple and convenient design of ISO containers used by JPCl allow you to create modular, scalable large generator enclosures for applications where a single container is not adequate, or extra equipment like, HV transformers, bulk fuel tanks or electricity distribution and change-over panels.