lithium-ion battery shipping container storage

Lithium-ion Battery Storage in Converted Shipping Containers

Sustainable energy production needs reliable energy storage

The wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine. Its a well used phrase and for good reason. Take Australia for example. Wall to wall sunshine means an almost limitless supply of solar power during the day. But what happens at night?

You need somewhere to store all that excess energy and we have the solution. Lithium-ion battery storage in converted shipping containers providing 600KWH of stable energy.

lithium-ion battery shipping container storage

Lithium-ion battery storage system built with a converted 40ft shipping container, image courtesy of


Dual racks are installed and distributed evenly for balanced output. This also aids transportation. Battery racks are fitted with vibration absorption to protect the lithium-ion in transit. Energy output is up to 432V. Cooling is provided by independently operating AC units. This is to maintain stable operating temperatures during charge and discharge, prolonging the lifespan of the batteries. For safety there are two doors installed at each end of the containers.

Safe Storage

There is a real risk of explosion should the battery components come into contact with electro-conductive particals. These can get in through vents and open doors. Here at JP Containers we ensure filtered ventilation is installed where sensitive apparatus is in operation. In the event of a short-circuit an elevated discharge will occur causing overheating. This overheating can lead to fire and eventual explosion if the power isn’t brought under control.

Shipping Containers – an excellent storage option

Shipping containers are used to transport goods all over the world, safely and securely. They therefore double-up as the perfect mobile storage solution, in this case for lithium-ion batteries. Converting these containers is a highly technical process that requires skilled technicians and engineers. We specialize in converting shipping containers of all sizes for a multitude of purposes, one of which is battery storage.

bess battery energy storage system jpc

BESS ( battery energy storage system ) built at our manufacturing facility in Cheshire, UK, aiding the drive to carbon neutrality.

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