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MTU Generator Sets to power a Hospital

Stewart & Stevenson Power Products LLC has taken an order for two MTU 16V4000 natural gas-fired generator sets. They will be installed for use in a new 3MW cooling, heat and power plant at a major New York hospital.

The MTU MTU 1534 kW continuous rated gas genset modules provided the most competitive total running costs over the expected lifespan of the plant. The cost saving features are include :

  • Cost per kW / Low Cost of O&M.
  • Critical Uptime Performance.
  • Electrical & Thermal Efficiency.
  • Ability to operate on low pressure natural gas.
  • Performance under site ambient conditions.
  • Guarantee of operation at one-half g of NOx per bhp/hour.
  • System Controls Capability.
  • The CCHP system will provide 1534 kW at 4160V all year long.

The two generators will operate in a lead and lag type sequence of operation. This will enable the availability of a single generator at time will to approach 100 per cent. A total installed capacity of 3068 kW will be available for peak times.  This will give the hospital the ability to operate in a grid-isolated mode for extended periods of time when necessary.

The exhaust gas from the engines will supply two heat recovery steam generators to augment the hospital’s steam demand. The jacket water will in turn be utilized to supply two 750-tonne dual stage absorption chillers. The electrical power will re-feed the hospital campus electrical distribution system. The electricity generated will also provide assisted power if utility power is lost.

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