Acoustic Containers

Acoustic Containers

JP Containers offers a design, manufacture and installation service of containerised noise control solutions (acoustic containers)...

Our service is bespoke, in that we design and manafacture each solution exactly in line with each customer’s requirements. Costs are usually similar or less than those associated with converting general purpose container boxes, and the finish is to a much higher standard.

Environmental engineering

JP Containers acoustic containers can be designed to be suitable for most environmental needs. An acoustic container can be fabricated such that it provides effective cover against weather, dust, sound attenuation and extraordinary temperatures.

Superior Performance

At JP Containers we believe that our acoustic containers out perform conventional acoustic solutions with many unique features:

  • Simple to transport
  • Able to be handled and located internationally
  • Weatherproof
  • Modular
  • Rigid in construction
  • Nominal construction costs (if any)
  • Nominal foundation requirement