TGC Ancillary Supply Cubes

TGC Ancillary Supply Cubes

“A transportable and continuous fuel supply for your diesel operated pumps, compressors, drills, generators and industrial tools”

Refueling for portable energy

An innovative and robust range of Fuel Cubes designed for refueling mining and construction equipment such as generators, compressors and lighting towers.

Key features are the flexibility and versatility; as well as the portability. TGC fuel cubes are easy to move and relocate to where refueling is needed.

Refueling your equipment for increased productivity and efficiency

The TGC ancillary supply cubes are designed for refueling industrial tools, equipment and machinery where they are in operation; keeping them refueled and working at maximum capacity for increased productivity.

One of the key benefits is the “bolt-on” functionality these units have with equipment such as generators. With 3x generator feed and returns; simply connect them to your generators for extended operating time.

With an inbuilt secondary containment area; they also reduce the impact refueling has on the environment with no additional bunding or containment needed.

TGC ancillary supply cubes come with suction tube and venting and are designed to be safely filled from the top with all liquid contained within the bunded unit.

Additional options include battery or power operated pumping packages designed specifically for your application as well as hoses and “quick” connectors.

TGC Ancillary Supply Cubes
Model Safe Fill (litres) Tare Weight (kg) Full Weight (kg) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Features
TGC-1000 1000 570 1500 1120 1120 1296 bunded
TGC-2000 2000 970 2800 2270 1120 1296 bunded, baffled
TGC-3000 3000 1250 4000 2270 1520 1296 bunded, baffled

Transportable, versatile and easy to use

The TGC ancillary supply cubes are designed with innovative features to make your job easier. For example, a single unit can keep up to three generators as well as other equipment running for extended periods of time.

JP Containers listened to our sales force, but more importantly we listened to you. We understood your requirements and created a heavy duty, robust fuel tank which is easy to move and use.

Manufactured to Standards

The TGC ancillary supply cubes are manufactured in accordance with the requirements as specified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), ULC (Canada), UN31A, ADR/RID.

This means the TGC range are compliant for transport full of liquid on public roads with no need to empty before transporting from site to site.

Spill Containment Area

JP Containers: Spill Containment Area

“A complete fuel storage and dispensing system designed and manufactured to suit your application”

JP Containers provide high quality purpose built ISO Containers with CSC safety approvals for many equipment packaging solutions, structurally designed for a wide variety of heavy duty applications and built to withstand the most demanding of environments.

Reliability is paramount and with all our products, dependability is built in.

JP Containers has partnered with Transtank to provide an experienced sales team and network of contacts across the globe.

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